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African Cuisine

Traditional dishes

African culture is an extraordinary combination of exoticism, national color and traditions that arouse surprise and interest.

From the earliest times the peoples of Africa were able to carry pieces of their primitive cuisine as well as enriched with new knowledge from neighboring countries. Many modern recipes were brought by the inhabitants of other countries. Besides the travelers and invaders could significantly influence the formation of the culture of this region.

The cuisine of the peoples of coastal West Africa is characterized by a wide use of seafood. From fruits they use citrus fruits, bananas, pineapples, as well as nuts and cocoa. Various dishes are prepared from millet, sorghum, and African potatoes. Bread is baked from corn flour.

Southern, Central, and Northern African cultures have similar cuisines. They often follow Muslim traditions (eating only in the afternoon, avoiding pork and alcohol). So does nature – the closer to the desert, the more monotonous the table. Despite some differences in the cuisine of Arab and African countries, they have many similarities. The same foods and cooking methods are used similarly. Rice, pulses, lamb, goat meat, poultry and eggs are widely used. Pork is scarcely used, and in some countries of the African continent even its taste is unknown.

In the countries of North Africa, of all foodstuffs lamb is preferred. Poultry and beef are used mainly for soups, stews, and minced meat. Rice and vegetables are common both as a side dish and as a separate dish. Eggplant is the most common vegetable. And the main fruits are citrus fruits and dates. The inhabitants eat a lot of bread, drink Turkish coffee, and among the cold drinks they prefer water flavored with orange blossom extract.

African dishes are characterized by a great deal of pepper and spices. For the modern European, some dishes may seem unusual and even inedible, but for the natives it does not cause any surprise. There are also many different recipes for salads in African cuisine.