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All Asian cuisine

Asian cuisine is usually understood as the culinary traditions of China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It is also called Oriental cuisine.

In fact they are very different cuisines. Each of them is characterized by its own atmosphere, its own specific range of flavors, aromas and even colors. But perhaps there is indeed something that unites all this luxurious variety into a certain unity, called Oriental or Asian cuisine, namely the philosophical approach to cooking, serving and eating.

The flavors, consistencies of foods, their aromas and even their shapes are balanced. And, of course, nutrients, vitamins and minerals are in perfect balance – also thanks to the main methods of cooking (quick frying, steaming and other methods of food processing that allow to preserve maximum nutrients). That’s why the Oriental cuisine is recognized all over the world as healthy and wholesome. Some interesting recipes we have described on our website.

Oriental cuisine

If we talk about Oriental cuisine in general, the range of products is quite varied. But it is exotic for the European. Rice is, of course, the main staple. Everywhere in Southeast Asia rice is served as a main dish, a side dish to vegetables, seafood, and meat. It is also used as an ingredient for various salads: sweet, salty, and spicy. Rice is used in baked goods, rice wine, rice vinegar, rice noodles. There are an incredible number of uses for this crop

Seafood is the second most consumed item. Fish and other seafood, including all kinds of crabs, shrimps, oysters, and seaweed, have made the Japanese cuisine famous. Without exaggeration the most popular Oriental dish in the world is Japanese sushi. Cooked from raw fish with rice, wrapped in nori seaweed, they are served with exotic spices – wasabi, pickled ginger, special soy sauce. Sushi is a whole culture within the original Japanese culinary school. For several decades, sushi has not lost its popularity around the world.

By the way Asian cuisine is not necessarily spicy, as it is usually presented.