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American Cuisine

Traditional cuisine

It is often said that the cuisine of the United States is that of a nation of immigrants! And it really is.
Immigrants from China and Italy, as well as slaves from Africa and many have contributed to shaping the foods Americans now consume.

They were able to combine the talents and vision they brought from afar with the needs, peculiarities, and rhythm of everyday American life.

Many factors have influenced the development of the art of cooking in the United States. It is believed that thanks to Native Americans, Native Americans, corn is now a staple of the American diet.

Many dishes are made from it, such as corn soufflé, corn dogs (smoked sausages fried in cornmeal dough and served on a stick, resembling the shape of a corn cob). Corn flakes, crushed corn, tortilla chips (corn chips), and even our cheap American beer, which is also brewed from corn. One of the famous American recipes, pecan pie is sure to please you.
As a result of a long road of evolution and filling, people everywhere today who know food recognize the high quality of foods and meals that are made in America.