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Delicious French Goulash


The French name for this dish means a good piece of meat stewed in wine. This dish is especially loved in the southern provinces of France. You can safely change the ingredients when making it, because the secret to success is red wine. It may seem unusual, but you really need a whole bottle of …

African dish Bobotie

bobotie dish

Boboti meat casserole is popular in Southern Africa. Native South Africans believe that the Arabs brought boboti to Africa. However, many believe that boboti is a Malaysian dish prepared by Malaysian servants in the homes of the Dutch Boers, the colonizers. In any case, this dish successfully combines sweet and salty, spicy and spicy. So, …

American Traditional Brunswick stew

Brunswick stew

This is a traditional meat dish with purely American roots, although there are very similar dishes in Georgian cuisine.The original recipe used game, usually squirrel, and corn, long braised over an open fire. But nowadays Brunswick stew is most often made with chicken or a combination of several meats, including rabbit, beef and pork. It …

Traditional Onion Soup

French Onion Soup

His Majesty Peasant Onion Soup. Why His Majesty, so legend has it that onion soup was first prepared by King Louis XV of France. Why Peasant, so the Onion is the symbol of peasantry. Various combinations of ingredients make this soup extraordinarily delicious, and it is served in the best restaurants in Paris and Montreal. …

Unusual Germany dumplings-Moultashen

Moultashen dish

Products made of dough with a filling, which are boiled or steamed, are found in all cuisines of the world, just called all differently. The greatest number of names for dumplings are in Italian and Asian cuisine. From raviolli, crudo and tortellini to Chinese dumplings with an incredible variety of fillings. The Germans, like the …

National Dish of Russia Borscht

Russian Cuisine

Borscht is one of the favorite dishes of Russian cuisine. The popular folk dish is great for lunch and dinner. You can easily cook borshch according to the classic recipe with photos. Following the cooking instructions, you will get a delicious rich borscht, able to please anyone.Moreover, it is very useful because it includes a …