Dimka spent almost two weeks at home. They had a real epidemic at school and his entire class fell ill. Nothing particularly terrible, the classic flu – a sore throat and a runny nose, but all this somehow put the guys out of action for a long time. And not only guys!

All my productivity has gone to hell too – if you are reading me, you probably noticed that the blog has not been updated since February 14th! And the point is not at all that Dimka constantly requires attention – no, he is already quite adult and independent, after all, he is 9 years old. The fact is that his growing body constantly requires … food! :).

So all this time I had practically no chance to leave the kitchen. Before I had time to lay out the Pilates mat in the morning, Dimka came running and asked what to eat for breakfast. He, of course, can already warm up food for himself and even fry eggs. But after all, eggs are not allowed every day, bread / sausage is also not allowed for him, and of course he does not want meat in the morning. By the way, I tell you, coming up with healthy breakfasts on a daily basis is a real headache !!

In general, I had to roll up the rug and go to feed the child with breakfast. After which – a battle with a bunch of unwashed dishes (and where does it always come from?). Before I had time to wash the last plate, Dimka came running again and asked what we had for lunch. And I started to cook dinner. Further – again the battle with the dishes, in between on the run I come up with a training plan and it’s time to get ready. And, of course, dinner in the evening and dishes {sad face} again. ( Of course, it’s not a fact that someone at the top (I mean higher powers) reads my blog, but if so – please send me more new customers, I just really, really need a dishwasher !!)

And so they flew by day after day. I practically did not leave my post in the kitchen, being distracted except by all these endless rinsing of Dimka’s nose and instillation of polydex. Yes, and I’m not yet writing about house cleaning, which just drives me crazy! 🙁 And Dima and a cat have a special ability to nullify any cleaning in a matter of hours.

Needless to say, by the end of the second week, I had already become a little brutalized by the household and even the 20 minutes of relaxation yoga, which I hardly found on Monday, for some reason did not help. Maybe because Dimka periodically ran into the room and asked what we had for dinner today :).

As much as I love to cook, but it was too much even for me :).

Therefore, on the first day when Dimka went to school again, I decided to arrange a real chocolate relaxation for myself! Not in the sense of gorging yourself on sneakers, but making real homemade chocolate from real cocoa.

I already wrote on Facebook that I suffer from the fact that I can’t have chocolate, and in fact I honestly held out without it (and without much else) for almost 2 months. But now I already feel much better and am carefully trying to bring my favorite foods back into my AIP Paleo Healing Diet (I will definitely tell you about it later – it really helped me a lot). And I started, of course, with chocolate – with tiny pieces of dark chocolate.

In general, dark chocolate is one of the few dessert treats allowed by the paleo diet and fully approved in terms of a healthy diet. But here the nuances arise. If you read the small print on the packaging, you will see the following: “may contain traces of nuts, soy and milk protein.” And in some cases, even traces of wheat gluten, which is not at all pleasing. If you are intolerant of nuts, milk protein or gluten, then eating such chocolate can be risky for you. And, as far as I understand from everything I’ve read recently, as well as from practical experience – even if food does not cause an instant reaction, this does not mean that it does not harm you – in some cases there is a cumulative effect.

The purchased chocolate did not cause an instant reaction in me, but the information on the package was very embarrassing. And so, tormented by the question “to eat or not to eat?”, I thought – why not make chocolate myself? After all, am I a food blogger or who?

The result exceeded all my expectations, and so did the Dimkins. Compared to homemade chocolate, the purchased one just faded in my eyes and now seems to me completely devoid of taste and aroma. And, most importantly, it turned out to be just super easy, no hours of dancing with tambourines at the stove. Which is especially nice considering how I’ve spent the last two weeks :).

To fully enjoy the result, I decided to make a chocolate face mask as well – by the end of winter my skin became so dry that it seems that soon I will begin to shed it like a lizard. And by the spring I want so much to be beautiful! And then chocolate also came in handy.

You probably already know everything about the antidepressant properties of chocolate, but here’s another some interesting data on the beneficial properties of chocolate:

  • Chocolate has powerful antioxidant properties due to the high content of polyphenols, or flavonoids, in cocoa beans. This means that the consumption of chocolate slows down the aging process!
  • Chocolate helps to lower the level of “bad cholesterol” in the blood, thins the blood and even helps to lower blood pressure. This means that the risk of blood clots (respectively, heart attacks and strokes) decreases, blood supply and the state of the cardiovascular system improve.
  • Cocoa beans contain vitamins E (vitamin of youth, immunomodulator and antioxidant) and vitamin K (ensures normal blood clotting, plays an important role in metabolism)
  • Also, cocoa contains minerals important for the body, such as:

selenium – protects the body from cancer and premature aging

copper – essential for the normal process of hematopoiesis and the functioning of the immune system

magnesium – is critically necessary for the maintenance of vital functions of cells

iron – helps to provide cells with oxygen and supports immunity

Complement me if I missed something – in fact, there are so many health benefits of cocoa that a complete list would take much more time and blog space!

Of course, all of the above applies only to high quality cocoa chocolate, with minimal sugar and additives. Therefore, this is not about sneakers and chocolate bars. If you buy dark chocolate, look for one with at least 70% cocoa. And the best option is, of course, homemade chocolate. In the recipe below, sugar replaces honey, and in addition to cocoa butter, I also use coconut oil, which makes the chocolate even healthier.

And this is how the cocoa fruit looks like – this one Dima and I plucked right from a branch during our trip to Bali. You probably know that chocolate is made from the seeds of cocoa beans, but few people know that the fruit itself is also edible. It has a juicy, delicate flesh, and its taste has nothing to do with chocolate.

  Boy with cocoa fruit

Just don’t eat all the chocolate at once! Firstly, no matter how tasty and healthy it is, it still contains caffeine, well, moderation is needed in everything. And secondly – be sure to leave a little and make a mask on the face, neck and décolleté. Cocoa + cocoa butter + coconut oil + honey = no better one for dry skin! This mask nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and velvety.

PS Share, how do you usually relieve stress? And how do you cope with the appetites of your children, especially if there are more than one of them? And yet – are you fasting? Last but not least, do you make homemade face masks and which are your favorites?

Chocolate relaxation: homemade chocolate + face mask

Type of dish: Dessert

  • 1 cup cocoa butter *
  • 1 cup cocoa powder **
  • 1/2 cup honey (I really like using thick buckwheat honey for this recipe)
  • ¼ tsp sea ​​salt

    * if you want a softer chocolate, substitute coconut butter for cocoa butter. I take 50/50.
    ** cocoa must be of very good quality – it is usually darker in color than cheaper cocoa and has a distinct chocolate smell. Also carefully read the composition indicated on the package.

  1. Heat cocoa butter in a steam bath. To do this, I usually take a small saucepan, pour some water and put it on the fire. Put the cocoa butter in a heat-resistant bowl and put it on top of a saucepan with water. It is important that the water does not touch the bottom of the bowl.
    Melt butter in a steam bath
  2. Pour cocoa powder into the heated butter and stir vigorously.
    Homemade chocolate, step by step photo
  3. Turn off and cool to about 40 degrees, then add honey. We put it back on a steam bath, on a very low heat and stir constantly until the honey is completely dissolved. Do not overheat – honey loses its beneficial properties at t above 40C.
  4. Add sea salt – just a little at first and try it. For example, I really like how salt combines with chocolate.
  5. Pour chocolate into molds, cover with foil and put in the refrigerator. By the way, if you use coconut oil, the chocolate will be soft and will not pull out well from the molds. So I let it freeze in a flat container, and then I just cut it into pieces. Not very beautiful, but this is not the most valuable thing in it :).
  6. What is left, we smear on the face and neck. If it’s not a pity, you can even do a wrap – but then you need a lot more chocolate :).
  1. You can flavor chocolate by adding 1 tsp. vanilla extract, cinnamon or orange zest.
  2. You can add nuts or raisins.
  3. You can make prunes or dried apricots in chocolate – dip them in warm chocolate and place them on baking paper to dry and set.
  4. You can make milk chocolate or ganache (chocolate icing) by adding cream. Since I don’t eat dairy products, I made the coconut cream version and it turned out to be incredibly delicious! But I didn’t have it frozen like a tile, it got the consistency of a thick cream (Nutella is resting!).
    In general, there are many options – if you come up with something else interesting, be sure to write to me!
    Good luck and may everything be in chocolate :).


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