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Traditional Italian cuisine is popular throughout the world. Few people do not know their dishes. For example, pizza and spaghetti are served in almost every catering place.

For the inhabitants of this state, cooking is a true art. Italians cook gastronomic delights a lot of time, observing all the subtleties.

By the way, in Italy there are more than 600 kinds of pasta and no less than 2 thousand variants of pizza. Each region has its own unique recipes and products, which are the basis for the basic menu.

The territorial location of the republic has greatly influenced the formation of gastronomic culture. The delicacies of the southern regions are characterized by the content of dried and fresh tomatoes, olive oil, lots of aromatic spices and herbs. In the northern part, the influence of Austrian, Hungarian and Croatian cuisine is felt. This is why you can find goulash, chorba, and even Hungarian sausages here. Liguria is famous for its pesto sauce, which is added to all pastas and minestrone soup. Campania is the pizza region. Familiar to the world “Margarita” is cooked in the capital of this region, Naples.

The course of history has greatly changed the food culture of Italians.

Colonization by the Arabs, during which the Islamic world eliminated wine and pork from the diet as unclean foods. Then the invasion of the barbarians and the advent of Christianity left a great mark on the history of the art of cooking.

Much later, new foods and spices appeared that quickly took root and became part of the diet. Many seafarers were Italians and wanted to obtain exotic foods and bring them home. After the discovery of the new continent, black pepper, corn, tomatoes, sugarcane, and turkey appeared on the tables of Italian gourmets.

During the Renaissance, the art of serving food emerged among the people of Italy. Already well-developed gastronomy takes on a bright coloring, new flavors and aromas. Gluttony turns into a measured process of eating, accompanied by table setting and beautiful serving.

On February 13 the world celebrated the International Day of Italian Cuisine, and if you missed it – do not worry, you can always arrange a romantic Italian dinner for two and enjoy plenty of one of your favorite dishes. Here are some recipes for your Italian feast.