So, Dima and I have found a new secret weapon to fight the winter blues. And more importantly, with these nasty snotty viruses that just love it when winter lasts six months, and we hardly get out of our well-heated (and poorly ventilated) hiding places.

You probably think that this rosemary tea is our secret weapon? I wish it were that simple, but … no.

Our weapon is Nordic walking. Well, or, more precisely, Scandinavian walking + willpower, also known as energetic self-kick in the ass, which makes us every day, after Dimka arrives from school (after 18.00!), Go out and walk with sticks along the embankment, scaring away sleepy ducks. Yes, even at minus 13 and below, and all this, instead of having enough to eat, take cover with a warm blanket and watch cartoons while lying on the couch.

What is most surprising is that at this time in the park we are not alone, and it seems that, apart from ducks, no one thinks we are crazy. This is why I adore our park – even in winter, even after dark, life goes on in it. Mothers with kids, skiers, runners and Scandinavian walking lovers – they all do not sit at home either, and even the open skating rink is never empty in the evenings (and I still haven’t skated there – urgently needs to be corrected! :)).

So Dimka and I do not feel lonely, and then, during our evening walks, we chat and exchange the news accumulated during the day, sometimes switching to English (otherwise both of them began to forget it), so it turns out such a super useful pastime, 3 in 1. Unlike the workouts, which mainly consist of my instructions and Dimka’s torments, we both like such walks much more. And not once during all this time did Dimka show a desire to stay at home and not go anywhere. When he is completely tired, we just walk without sticks, but still we walk!

Nordic walking in Kolomenskoye Park

And this is Saturday – we are not sleeping, but we are going to the park to study!

I want to reassure you – if, while reading this, you suddenly began to feel some discomfort due to your own lack of sports, relax :). It took Dimka and me a whole year before we came to this. If everything happened like this: you wake up one day and think – well, that’s it, from today I am so athletic, I do exercises every day, run in the park, eat right and in general – give #HLS, #P and #beautifully! (especially for my mom: # HLS – a healthy lifestyle, # PP – proper nutrition, all of these are very fashionable now tags on Instagram :)).

In general, again, I would like everything to be that simple – but again, no. Around the third day, you turn off the alarm after the third snooze and oversleep, and as for evening workouts, they are even less likely. After another especially hellish day at work, you will have an irresistible desire to send away all these #HLS and #PPs, to immerse your #body (beautiful or not so – at this moment you will absolutely not care) in a hot bath, grabbing a glass of wine for the company and a chocolate bar and watch a snotty melodrama (dada, and it’s all about me too 🙂 :)).

And if you are trying to teach your child to sports … ohh, patience for you :). How many beautiful sunny days in Bali were ruined by Dimka’s dislike of push-ups and my despair at being such a shitty coach! Yes, before I became a trainer, to whom people come voluntarily and also pay money for a class, I was a real shit trainer who did not understand what can really be demanded and expected from an 8 year old child.

The only reason we’ve been able to make any progress is that we haven’t stopped trying. The form changed, the circumstances changed, the duration of our torment training, but we kept trying to DO AT LEAST SOMETHING EVERY DAY. We continued and it was always different. Sometimes with tears, sometimes with a smile, sometimes with inspiration, sometimes under a stick, and sometimes it couldn’t be worse at all. But, nevertheless, we did it. And now I am terribly glad that we didn’t quit.

Here’s what I have highlighted in capital letters – this is the main “secret” :). Let it be 10 minutes or 5 minutes, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is not to stop :). Keep looking for something that suits you and suits you, with your lifestyle and under your circumstances. And maybe one day you will look back and realize that – wow, in the last 3 weeks you haven’t had a single day without training! And it will be very cool :). Dimka, I congratulate you, more precisely, us :)!

You are probably thinking now – what does tea with rosemary and pine nuts have to do with it? It’s simple: delicious, aromatic hot tea after a winter workout in the fresh air is such a small reward for good work :).

Even before Dimka and I got hooked on those very # HLS and # PP, Dimka discovered Anderson cafe. And since one of them is located just near the clinic where Dimkin’s doctor works, every time after visiting the doctor we went to a cafe to make our day at least a little more pleasant (you probably know that going to doctors is not so much fun: (). Dimka always ordered himself a pie in the shape of a mouse, octopuses from sausages with mashed potatoes and tea with rosemary and pine nuts, which in Anderson is called Moroccan tea.

Rosemary and pine nuts tea

Only in Anderson they serve it with honey inside, and I love it separately :).

Now we don’t eat pies, sausages, too, we visit doctors less often (the more we train, the less we visit! :)), but tea with rosemary and nuts is one of those few pleasures that we can still afford! Moreover, it is also useful (see the list of useful properties in the recipe).

By the way, motivation specialists (and just people who know how to achieve their goals) very much even recommend coming up with such small rewards for themselves. For example, if you work out, reward yourself with a small piece of dark chocolate. We solved an important issue (wrote an article / closed a task /sent the chief nafig) – reward yourself with a walk! Or coffee, or a break, cats on Instagram, whatever! I checked – it really works !.

All right, good luck, motivation and new exploits, and my hot tea and cats are waiting for me :).

Rosemary and pine nuts tea

Type of dish: Drink

Kitchen: Moroccan

  • Black tea (1 teaspoon in a small teapot)
  • Several sprigs of rosemary
  • Pine nuts (about 1 tsp per cup)
  1. Brew black tea. Recently, I rinse the tea leaves with boiling water before brewing – they say it helps warm the tea leaves and reveal their taste more fully. Well, wash off the dust from them too :). Just in a strainer, pour boiling water over and then brew.
  2. Add a couple of rosemary sprigs to the kettle. Let it brew a little.
  3. Pour tea into a cup and add 1-1.5 tablespoons of pine nuts.
  4. Serve with honey, and it is most useful without any other sweets, except with a piece of dark chocolate.


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