In the pre-New Year fever that gripped everything around, I suddenly remembered that once this site began exclusively as a food blog! Since then, of course, a lot has changed and the notes from the life of the coach began to dominate the topic of food here :). What can you do, this is how a personal blog works – it reflects what is happening in the life of the author. And in my life, workouts are now so dominant that sometimes I hardly have the strength to go into the kitchen, let alone cook :). In my free time, I now shuttle around the Moscow Ring Road between Vegas and Maryino, which also does not contribute to the development of my culinary talents :(.

Nevertheless, the section with recipes on has not been canceled and it would be at least impolite not to share delicious treats with you for the New Year’s table.

Fortunately, I found a wonderful and very festive recipe in my stash – salmon baked with herbs and caramelized lemons! Even one name suggests a holiday, so it just belongs on the New Year’s table :). The recipe was found and tested by me back in pre-crisis times, and I managed to try it with salmon and trout – in both cases it turned out great. If you are in economy mode, feel free to replace the salmon with someone simpler, if not, you’re in luck! Salmon baked with herbs and caramelized lemons is delicious! And most importantly, you can eat without any remorse – everything is absolutely in the style of healthy lifestyle and PP, gluten-free, casein-free, in general, everything we love :). Otherwise, there is not enough strength to look at your New Year’s suffering! I will not point a finger, but someone in my workout worn out about the fact that they would not eat anything on New Year’s Eve. To be or not to be on the New Year’s table for salads with mayana – that was the question :).

Believe me, happiness is not in mayonnaise :). There are tons of delicious dishes that you can’t get better from – you just need to know how to cook them!

This is exactly what we will learn today, and not from anyone, but from the legendary Gordon Ramsay, because this is exactly his recipe:

Even if you are confused by Gordon’s quick speech and you are not very friendly with English – I advise you to watch the video anyway to have an idea of ​​how everything happens, and then you can safely use my recipe below! I practically didn’t change anything, only I didn’t have enough for Hollandaise sauce :). Although, I’m sure it tastes even better with the sauce and it’s a great and healthier alternative to mayonnaise :).

Salmon baked with herbs and caramelized lemons

Preparation of food

Time for preparing

Total cooking time


Type of dish: Main dish

  • 1 fresh salmon or trout (I took about 2kg)
  • 1-2 lemons
  • 1 head of garlic
  • Sea salt
  • Black pepper, freshly ground and peas
  • A few star anise stars
  • Foil
  • Sage
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Lemongrass, stem
  • Dried bay leaf, 2-3 leaves
  1. Gut the fish and remove the scales. It is best to ask the seller on the market to do this, or to buy an already gutted one :). Gordon also recommends trimming the tail and fins.
  2. Make transverse cuts on the fish at a distance of about 1.5 – 2 cm. This will allow the fish to cook more evenly and better absorb the aromas of herbs and lemon.
    Fresh gutted trout
  3. Now we need a large piece of foil. Gordon takes 2 layers and generally advises not to spare the foil – when you wrap the fish, the foil should not adhere tightly to it, there should be enough space for air inside the foil so that the fish is baked evenly.
  4. We put a pillow of washed and dried herbs on the foil – basil, sage, rosemary and a few leaves of bay leaves. Gordon, sliced ​​along the stem of lemongrass, crushed it a little more with a knife, as we crush the garlic – for a more intense aroma.
  5. I will tell you a secret – if you do not have these particular herbs – take any! Don’t tell Gordon 🙂 :). Now we will get out of the financial crisis and will also buy lemongrass and sage in winter, but for now … I even once used parsley and everything was fine :).
  6. With the garlic, Gordon did this: he cut the entire head across and squeezed the halves of the garlic cloves onto a pillow of herbs. Fast and effective!Fresh herbs for roasting salmon
  7. It remains to salt and pepper our herbal pillow and you can put fish on it!
  8. Now we take out the lemon, wash it thoroughly and cut it into thick slices. I have a lemon from Uzbekistan in the photo, these are the best lemons in the world – they are almost orange in color, incredibly fragrant and there is no bitterness in their skin. If you could not find one, take any.
    Uzbek lemon, sliced
  9. A little olive oil in a frying pan, heat and place the lemons in it. Salt and pepper. You may wonder why we roast lemons? Trust me, Gordon knows what he’s doing :). It gives the lemons and the whole dish a very different flavor, he says, and damn it, he’s absolutely right! Be sure to use these lemons when serving. Caramelized lemons
  10. Put a few slices of lemon on the fish, a few inside. Now star anise stars (New Year’s scent! :)) – also for fish and a few things inside. Do not overdo it, star anise has a rather intense aroma. Add some black peppercorns, salt and sprinkle with olive oil.Salmon baked with herbs and caramelized lemons
  11. Now you can wrap it up! Fold the edges of the foil and pack. Thorough enough to trap hot air and aroma.Salmon baked in foil
  12. We bake in the oven preheated to 190 C for 25-30 minutes.
  13. Don’t burn yourself when you unfold! The smell is awesome, yeah :).
  14. Again, I advise you to watch the video of Gordon serving this dish! I think no one can resist :).


Bon appetit and Happy New Year!

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