As a child, sea buckthorn was one of my worst nightmares. Well, not exactly sea buckthorn, but rather sea buckthorn oil.

The thing is that in those days pharmaceutical companies had not yet had time to take over the world, and our medicines were very primitive, from the “all-in-one” series. For example, no matter what happens to you in the summer camp – scratches, sprains, bruises, insect bites – you would definitely be smeared with iodine. For indigestion we were treated with strong tea with breadcrumbs, for a cold we had to eat a whole lemon (with a peel), but in case of a runny nose … in case of a runny nose, my mother instilled sea buckthorn oil in our nose.

And just imagine – this viscous, thick, bright orange oil with a characteristic odor is buried in your nose. This is not some kind of aqualore or otrivin for you, when you just sneezed, forgot and moved on. The sensation of burying sea buckthorn oil … brr, even after so many years I shudder, not to mention the fact that after we blew our nose with orange … hmm, well, in general, I apologize for the details :). And my sister and I often suffered from a runny nose, so our sea buckthorn torment repeated itself with enviable frequency.

It is not surprising that, even having matured, I still disliked sea buckthorn for a very long time and was afraid to even approach it.

And then one day a friend from the north came to visit my mother. And she brought home-made sea buckthorn jam – and I must say that she makes simply amazing jams, I have not tried such anywhere else. And this is her sea buckthorn jam … it was so tasty that for the first time in my life I could not share with anyone and devoured the whole jar myself. Yes, a whole jar of sea buckthorn jam. And after that, all my dislike for sea buckthorn passed, as if there were none of those bright orange oily torments.

Frozen sea buckthorn berries

I tasted sea buckthorn fruit drinks, jelly, and even the same I really liked the characteristic smell! And here’s what I realized: this is a wonderful berry, tasty, aromatic and healthy. But it’s better to take it inside, and not drip it into the nose :).

And you can take it inside, for example, in the form of this aromatic warming winter tea with chamomile and sea buckthorn:

Warming winter tea with chamomile and sea buckthorn in a glass teapot

Warming winter tea with chamomile and sea buckthorn

  • 2 tbsp sea ​​buckthorn berries (frozen can be used).
  • 1 bag of chamomile tea (or 1 teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers)
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • ½ tsp dry orange peel
  • 1-2 star anise stars
  1. Brew chamomile tea.
  2. Pour boiling water over cinnamon, star anise and orange zest and add to tea.
  3. Add the sea buckthorn berries and let the tea brew a little.
    The tea turns out to be very aromatic, with a slight sourness and it is delicious to drink it even without honey or sugar.
  1. If you want a richer sea buckthorn flavor, mash a couple more teaspoons of berries separately in a cup, pour over the prepared tea, then strain through a tea strainer. Such tea will be sour and delicious to drink with honey. Although, in this case, the sea buckthorn taste obstructs the delicate aroma of spices a little.


PS And what folk remedies were you tortured in childhood? 🙂

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